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With S L E E P M A G I Q we have created a supplement that actively supports you in switching off in the evening and getting the sleep you deserve, so that your energy stores are guaranteed to be filled anew every night. We care about the quality and quantity of your sleep. Because only those who get enough good sleep on a regular basis are really ready for high performance! But how does it all work?

What does S L E E P M A G I Q help me with?

S L E P M A G I Q helps you do that:

What is the difference between S L E E P M A G I Q and conventional sleeping pills?

Conventional sleeping pills (e.g. benzodiazepines) are usually harmful in the long run. But why is this so? Synthetically produced sleeping pills have a completely different effect than natural solutions. Here the body is made to sleep by "force", in which the active ingredients specifically release certain barriers in the brain. Although you fall asleep quickly, the REM phase often suffers as a result. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, this so-called deep sleep phase is of enormous importance, here all stimuli and memories of the day are processed, important information thus migrates into the long-term memory. Conversely, this means that the quality of sleep is not the best. Often, you wake up in the morning feeling like you've been run over by a truck. In addition, strong-acting sleeping pills can quickly become addictive, so that at some point you can no longer fall asleep without them. Many also report withdrawal symptoms here.

We at VIVUNA clearly distance ourselves from this. A healthy body and mind in the long term are our top priority. Therefore, we use only tested ingredients that do not harm your organism, but even support it. S L E E P M A G I Q is not a sleeping pill that simply knocks you out, but supports you in sleeping better in the long term.