your natural performance boost

With R E V I V E we have created a power pill that offers you everything you need. And the most important: R E V I V E sustainably and long-term promotes your physical and mental health, gives you a boost of energy, brightens your mood, boosts your brain power and lets you go through the day more focused and at the same time more relaxed. Without any side effects. How does it work?

Increased performance and energy

In R E V I V E are many selected, extremely high quality natural ingredients, each of which has a special, positive effect, and all together harmonize wonderfully. The contained (100mg) caffeine are 100% of natural origin. They are composed of matcha, the green miracle powder, guarana, the power plant, and green coffee beans. From now on, no more midday lows, no more tiredness in the morning, but full throttle all day!

Optimal metabolism and perfect vital functions

We also ensure an optimally running metabolism with R E V I V E, by adding all B - vitamins, important trace elements such as zinc and iron and essential amino acids such as lysine and tyrosine. These and many other ingredients ensure that all active ingredients can be perfectly absorbed by regulating the metabolism and increasing the BIO availability enormously. Everything is rounded off by other high-quality ingredients such as vitamin D and folic acid, which support the immune system to protect you from diseases and free radicals. So you stay healthy and fit, and simply have more of your life. Because let's face it, what could be worse than being sick and weakened?

Concentration and focus

We have also provided for optimal brain function, so that long-term concentration and thinking ability is increased to a maximum. For this we have added R E V I V E high quality, natural substances such as Curcumin, Ashwangandah, Ginseng and Bioperin. These special natural ingredients will keep your brain and mind running at peak performance at all times, and even have a long-term positive effect on your thinking ability. For you, this means no thought holes, no constant distractions, and no sudden black outs in important meetings.

Mood brightening and good mood

Since many things in everyday life do not always run smoothly, you quickly get into a bad mood, which sometimes drags on throughout the rest of the day. But we put an end to it. A special complex of tryptophan, theanine, gingko and griffonia automatically activates the messenger substances serotonin and dopamine, the two best-known happiness hormones. As a result, R E V I V E also has a strong mood-lifting effect, which helps you to master every day perfectly. No matter what obstacles you face, you won't let them ruin your day.