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We are a team of athletes and entrepreneurs, we have developed together with many bright minds a perfect All - In - One supplement, and without making even a small sacrifice in terms of health. On the contrary. We want to get away from all the chemicals, from harmful energy drinks, from synthetic, cheaply produced tablets and also away from excessive coffee consumption.

However, to make it all manageable, we have created R E V I V E, a premium product, which combines all the positive properties of natural energy, concentration and health boosters, without you having to take a lot of different tablets at once.


In general, R E V I V E is suitable for anyone who wants to be awake and focused throughout the day, who cares about both their physical and mental health, who always wants to get the best out of themselves, who doesn't feel like having lunchtime lulls or lapses in concentration, who always wants to be at their best, and especially for anyone who wants to get more out of their day and more out of their life in the long run!

In R E V I V E are many selected, extremely high quality natural ingredients, each of which has a special, positive effect, and all together harmonize wonderfully. The contained (100mg) caffeine are 100% of natural origin. They are composed of matcha, the green miracle powder, guarana, the power plant, and green coffee beans. From now on, no more midday lows, no more tiredness in the morning, but full throttle all day!

Natural caffeine is released into the bloodstream much more slowly, which means that the effect lasts longer and does not end abruptly with a "crash", as is the case with synthetic caffeine. This has a faster effect, but not as long and not as consistent. A good comparison here to is blood sugar/insulin, sugary foods do give a short term energy boost but wear off quickly resulting in fatigue. Therefore, it is more advisable to consume whole grain products with a low sugar content, as here carbohydrates enter the blood more slowly and thus guarantee a long-term high energy level. It is the same with natural caffeine. In addition, the production of synthetic caffeine uses some extremely harsh chemicals such as methylene chloride or carbon dioxide, not substances you want to have in your body. Natural caffeine is found in over 60 different plants, the best known being green coffee beans, guarana berries, yara mate, or matcha, which is made from green tea leaves.

We have also provided for optimal brain function, so that long-term concentration and thinking ability is increased to a maximum. For this we have added R E V I V E high quality, natural substances such as Curcumin, Ashwangandah, Ginseng and Bioperin. These special natural ingredients will keep your brain and mind running at peak performance at all times, and even have a long-term positive effect on your thinking ability. For you, this means no thought holes, no constant distractions, and no sudden black outs in important meetings.

Since many things in everyday life do not always run smoothly, you quickly get into a bad mood, which sometimes drags on throughout the rest of the day. But we put an end to it. A special complex of tryptophan, theanine, gingko and griffonia automatically activates the messenger substances serotonin and dopamine, the two best-known happiness hormones. As a result, R E V I V E also has a strong mood-lifting effect, which helps you to master every day perfectly. No matter what obstacles you face, you won't let them ruin your day.

Vivuna uses only selected, and above all powerful ingredients, whose effect can really be proven. Each substance has a unique effect on its own, but all of them combined together work wonders. In addition, R E V I V E to 100% is manufactured in Germany, because we are satisfied only with the very highest quality standards. We have long tweaked and tested our Premium Formula until we were satisfied to 120%. Because our motto is that for our customers only the best is just good enough.

  • Increased performance; so you can complete all tasks with flying colors
  • No lunchtime slump; so you stay motivated even at midday
  • Higher concentration, better focus; to work much more effectively
  • Relaxation, serenity; that you keep your nerves even in difficult situations
  • Optimal brain power; so you can solve any task with the utmost skill
  • Increased well-being; means even on stressful days nothing can spoil your mood
  • More feelings of happiness; because let's face it, happy is the best way to work

For amateur and competitive athletes:

  • Better performance in sports due to the natural caffeine boost
  • Strongly improved regeneration due to metabolism-promoting and anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • No crash after the workout as with normal, purely synthetic boosters
  • Improved performance through important amino acids and vital substances
  • Higher motivation level due to stimulating plant substances

For hard workers and entrepreneurs in all industries:

  • More productive workdays due to long-term energy boost
  • Work more effectively with the concentration boost
  • Serenity even in stressful situations due to natural mood enhancers
  • No lunchtime slump, allowing you to get more done than most
  • More receptive and confident with a laser focus

For pro gamers and those who want to become one:

  • Permanently increased concentration and alertness
  • Being able to hold your nerve even when things are not going well
  • Less distraction, but 100% focus on your game.
  • Helps you stay healthy, even if you sit in front of the screen for too long again
  • An irrepressible will to come out the winner of every game

For constantly overtired mothers (and fathers, of course):

  • Fit and fresh throughout the day, not just in phases
  • Give your children much more active and focused attention
  • Staying calm, being able to switch off from time to time, and approaching every situation with caution.
  • Supplying the body with important vitamins and trace elements when one's own diet falls short once again
  • Keeping the overview, especially when many appointments are pending


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